California Planning & NEPA

To ensure the best balance of uses and resource protections for California's public lands, the BLM undertakes extensive land use planning through a collaborative approach with local, state, and tribal entities, the public, and stakeholder groups.  From hiking in the Redding Field Office to renewable energy projects in the California Desert Conservation Area, land use plans provide the framework to guide decisions for actions and approved uses on BLM-managed lands in California.

View our plans and NEPA documents in development, those that are in effect, and frequently requested NEPA documents in the accordion below.  Find all BLM California NEPA and planning documents in our e-planning system.

Plans and NEPA Documents in Development

Plans in Effect

Bureau of Land Management uses the following plans to guide management of public lands across California and northwestern Nevada.

State-wide Plans

California Coastal National Monument Resource Management Plan

Northern California District Plans

Alturas Resource Management Plan
Arcata Resource Management Plan
Headwaters Forest Reserve Resource Management Plan
King Range National Conservation Area Resource Management Plan
Eagle Lake Resource Management Plan
Redding Resource Management Plan
Surprise Resource Management Plan

Central California District Plans

Bakersfield Resource Management Plan
Bishop Resource Area Management Plan
Carrizo Plain National Monument Resource Management Plan
Southern Diablo Mountain Range and Central Coast of California Resource Management Plan
Clear Creek Management Area Resource Management Plan
Sierra Resource Management Plan
Ukiah Resource Management Plan

California Desert District Plans

California Desert Conservation Area Plan
Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan
West Mojave Plan
West Mojave Route Network Project (2019)
Northern & Eastern Mojave Desert Management Plan
Eastern San Diego Resource Management Plan
Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area Management Plan
Northern and Eastern Colorado Desert Coordinated Management Plan
California Desert Conservation Area Plan Amendment for the Coachella Valley
Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Mountains National Monument Management Plan
South Coast Resource Management Plan
Ocotillo Wind Energy Facility Eagle Conservation Plan

Frequently Requested NEPA Documents