What We Manage in Arizona

While the iconic saguaro cactus is most commonly associated with Arizona’s landscape, our public lands are some of the most diverse in the nation, a stunning assemblage of high plateaus, rugged mountains, hidden canyons, desert valleys, and lush riparian habitats.  

BLM Arizona administers 12.1 million acres of public lands and another 17.5 million subsurface acres of locatable, leasable, and salable minerals. BLM offices across the state manage many land-use activities to enable important economic benefits, while also sustaining natural and cultural resource values for future generations of Americans. We engage with our diverse partners and stakeholders to responsibly steward public lands with creativity and innovation.

 a canyon with green cottonwoods along a stream

Check out BLM Arizona's Flickr photo collection for free, public domain images of your public lands.