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What are Handbooks? Handbooks are the source of detailed instructions for performing specialized procedures to carry out policy and direction described in the Manual Section. Handbooks provide specific detailed instructions, techniques, procedures, practices, and processes. Handbooks do not contain broad objectives, policies, assignment of responsibilities, or delegations needed primarily by line officials and principal staff officials to administer programs. Handbooks are considered part of the Manual. They have the same force of authority as the Manual Section.

Handbook SectionTitle
H-1116-1Handbook for RAPS Coordinators
H-1116-2Handbook for RAPS Mentors
H-1116-3Handbook for RAPS Participants
H-1221-1Writing & Formatting Directives Handbook
H-1265-1Capital Planning and Investment Control (CPIC)
H-1268-1Bureau of Land Management Configuration Management Handbook
H-1270-1Electronic Records Administration
H-1270-2Cost Recovery
H-1290-3Telephone Communications
H-1297-1Creating Section 508 Compliant Documents
H-1601-1Land Use Planning Handbook
H-1624-1Planning for Fluid Mineral Resources
H-1703-2Military Munitions and Explosives of Concern
H-1703-3Natural Resources Damage Assessment and Restoration
H-1703-4Project Management
H-1703-5Environmental and Disposal Liabilities
H-1703-6Environmental Compliance Handbook

Interagency Ecological Site Handbook for Rangelands

Transmittal Sheet for the Interagency Ecolocigial Site Handbook

H-1740-2Integrated Vegetation Management Handbook
H-1742-1Burned Area Emergency Stabilization and Rehabilitation Handbook
H-1790-1National Environmental Policy Act
H-2000-1Pre-Acquisition Environmental Site Assessments
H-2000-2Environmental Site Assessments for Disposal of Real Property
H-2200-1Land Exchange Handbook
H-2740-1Recreation and Public Purposes
H-2930-1Recreation Permit Administration
H-3070-2Economic Evaluation of Oil and Gas Properties
H-3073-1Coal Evaluation
H-3100-1Oil and Gas Leasing Handbook
H-3101-1Issuance of Leases
H-3109-1Leasing Under Special Acts
H-3110-1Noncompetitive Leases
H-3120-1Competitive Leases
H-3150-1Onshore Oil and Gas Geophysical Exploration Surface Management Requirements
H-3203-1Leasing Terms


Appendix 2

Appendix 2 to H-3203-1, Leasing Terms


Appendix 3

Appendix 3 to H-3203-1, Leasing Terms
H-3486Coal Inspection and Enforcement
H-3600-1Mineral Materials Disposal Handbook

Mineral Materials Fair Market Value Evaluations

H-3720-1AML Program Policy Handbook
H-3809-1Surface Management Handbook
H-3809-2Surface Management Bond Processing
H-3830-1Administration of Mining Claims, Mill Sites, and Tunnel Sites
H-3860-1Mineral Patent Applications Processing
H-3870-1Adverse Claims, Protests, Contests, and Appeals
H-3890-3Validity Mineral Reports
H-4180-1Rangeland Health Standards
H-4700-1Wild Horses and Burros Management
H-4740-1Wild Horse and Burro Program Aviation Management
H-4750-2Adoption of Wild Horses and Burros
H-4760-1Conducting Compliance Checks for BLM's Wild Horses and Burro Adoption Program
H-5000-1Forest Management
H-5400-1Sale of Forest Products
H-5400-2Timber Sale Information System
H-5410-1Annual Forest Product Sale Plan
H-5440-1Conduct of Sale
H-5450-1Forest Product Sale Procedure Handbook Series - Award of Contract
H-5460-1Sales Administration
H-5470-1Contract Modification, Extension, Assignment
H-5480-1Contract Violation, Suspension, Cancellation
H-5490-1Contract Termination
H-8120-1General Procedural Guidance for Native American Consultation
H-8320-1Recreation and Visitor Services Planning
H-8342Travel and Transportation Handbook
H-8362-1Working With Cooperating Associations
H-8410Visual Resource Inventory
H-8431Visual Resource Contrast Rating
H-9102Metric Handbook
H-9113-1Roads Design
H-9113-2Roads National Inventory & Condition Assessment Guidance & Instructions
H-9115-1Primitive Roads Design
H-9115-2Primitive Roads Inventory & Condition Assessment Guidance & Instructions
H-9211-1Fire Planning
H-9235-1Mineral Material Trespass Prevention and Abatement
H-9130-1National Sign Handbook
H-9600-1Cadastral Survey, Management of Land Boundaries
H-9687-1Certified Federal Surveyor (CFedS) Program Handbook