Dedication Point Overlook


Crags and crevices, the deep canyon of the Snake River, thermal updrafts, and a broad plateau rich in small wildlife provide habitat for one of the greatest concentrations of nesting raptors in the US. Experience a place where water, rock, and wind together produce a place like no other for wildlife. Protection of this area recognizes its outstanding values and acknowledges that nature's well-being and the future of humans are inextricably linked. Dedication Point provides opportunities for visitors to see this remarkable landscape up close. Soar! Watch carefully...and you may see a falcon's reckless dive toward earth, or a golden eagle snatch a ground squirrel from the desert floor. Listen to their calls and cries. Winterfat and scattered patches of sagebrush provide a home for Piute ground squirrels. For raptors with hungry nestlings in the canyon cliffs, a food supply this close to the canyon rim makes for a quick turnaround. The Dedication Point overlook provides a great spot to view the area's famous birds of prey. From the canyon rim overlook, 400 feet above the Snake River, watch for seasonal raptors, canyon and rock wrens, Say's phoebe, cliff swallows, white-throated swifts, common ravens and rock doves. Sage, Lark, and Brewer's sparrows and western meadowlarks can also be seen in the shrubs along the trail. Explore! Look for side-blotched, western fence, and sagebrush lizards, gopher snakes, scorpions, ground squirrels, cottontail and black-tailed jackrabbits in the sagebrush, winterfat and cheatgrass habitat surrounding Dedication Point. This is also a popular location for school field trips in the spring. Facilities at Dedication Point include: a graveled vehicle parking, two pit toilets, interpretive signs, a covered cabana for education programs, and a short gravel trail leading to the overlook.

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Morley Nelson Snake River Birds of Prey
South Swan Falls Road

Geographic Coordinates

43.27666667, -116.3938889


From Interstate 84 take exit #44 (Meridian) and travel south on Meridian Road. Travel approximately 7 miles and the road will bear right for 1 mile as E. Avalon as you come into the small community of Kuna, Idaho. Turn south on Swan Falls Road and travel approximately 16 miles south to Dedication Point.