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Each week, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) releases a story map featuring unique records from the General Land Office (GLO) records collection.

Record of the week shortlist map

Oysterville, Washington

This weeks GLO record travels to Oysterville, Washington! Oysterville was founded in 1854 as an oyster fishing village.

Saguaro National Park

This week's story map brings us to Saguaro National Park.

The Underground Railroad

In honor of Black History Month, the Bureau of Land Management is taking you on a tour of several safe houses along the Underground Railroad.

Des Moines, Iowa

Let's check out Des Moines, Iowa. Des Moines is the capital of the state of Iowa and the most populous city within the state. The city found its origin as Fort Des Moines incorporated in 1851.

Thunder Bay, Michigan

This week's Record of the Week brings us to Thunder Bay, Michigan.

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