2015 Humboldt Wild Horse Gather

Gather Complete
1/30/15 - 2/5/15

Purpose of Gather:Wild Horse and Burro Logo

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Winnemucca District, Humboldt River Field Office will use helicopter to achieve and maintain a population of zero wild horses within the Humboldt Herd Area (HA). The Humboldt HA is not managed for wild horses due to the checkerboard land pattern and therefore no AML has been set and the area is managed for zero wild horses. The gather is taking place as a result of impacts to private property. 

Details of Gather:

BLM plans to humanely gather approximately 200 wild horses through the use of a helicopter gather. Details of the gather are available on this website by following the links in the right column.

The Humboldt HA is located approximately 30 miles south of Winnemucca, Nevada and extends along the east side of Interstate 80 to Lovelock, Nevada. The Humboldt HA was not designated for the long term management of the wild horses in the Sonoma-Gerlach Management Framework Plan (SG-MFP) due to the checkerboard land pattern found within the HA and therefore, is not managed for wild horses and burros. 

The gather area is comprised of 431,544 acres of both private and public lands. The wild horse population within the Humboldt HA is estimated to be 200 animals. The exact origin of these wild horses has not been determined. However, some animals may have been missed in the initial gather to remove wild horses from the area in 1985. Other wild horses may have migrated into the Humboldt HA from adjacent Herd Management Areas (HMAs). Removing these wild horses will help to prevent further deterioration of the range in an effort to achieve a thriving natural ecological balance and multiple-use relationship as required under the 1971 Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act, and Federal Land Policy and Management Act of 1976, as well as help to achieve and maintain healthy, viable wild horse populations. 

Public Observation: 

Please call the Gather Information Hotline at: (775) 861-6700, select option 1.  The voice recording will leave a detailed message of when and where to meet if you are interested in observing gather operations.  Please RSVP by leaving your name and phone number. 

Gather Reports

Friday, January 30

Summary: Gather delayed in the a.m. due to weather, including wind gusts and low clouds on ridges.  Temperatures from low 30s to mid 40s.  Gather began approximately 10:00 a.m. 14 Stallions, 20 Mares, 18 Foals gathered today. 

Animals gathered: 52
Animals shipped:  0
Total Deaths Today:  0
Acute: 0
Chronic/Pre-existing: 0

Saturday, January 31

Summary: Weather was sunny and warm with a high of 60 degrees and calm winds. 31 Stallions, 36 Mares, 16 Foals gathered today. 

Animals gathered: 83
Animals shipped:  40
Total Deaths Today:  1
Acute: 0
Chronic/Pre-existing: 1*

* Right foreleg had previous multiple fractures and was deformed.

Sunday, February 1

Summary: Gather site will be moved in the a.m. Weather was cloudy with a high of 45 degrees and moderate winds. 13 Stallions, 9 Mares, 5 Foals gathered today. 

Animals gathered: 27
Animals shipped:  77
Total Deaths Today:  0
Acute: 0
Chronic/Pre-existing: 0

Monday, February 2

Summary: A new gather site will be used in the a.m. Weather was cloudy and rainy.  Gather operations did not occur due to rain. No horses were gathered today. 

Animals gathered: 0
Animals shipped:  44
Total Deaths Today:  0
Acute: 0
Chronic/Pre-existing: 0

Tuesday, February 3

Summary: A new gather site was used today. Weather was cloudy and windy. 33 stallions, 35 mares, 19 foals gathered today

Animals gathered: 87
Animals shipped:  0
Total Deaths Today:  0
Acute: 0
Chronic/Pre-existing: 0

Wednesday, February 4

Summary: Weather at trap site was warm and calm with a high of 50 degrees.  Weather at holding sunny/calm and highs in 50’s. 16 stallions, 16 mares, 7 foals gathered today

Animals gathered: 39
Animals shipped:  79
Total Deaths Today:  0
Acute: 0
Chronic/Pre-existing: 0

Wednesday, February 5

Summary: Weather at trap site was warm and calm with a high of 50 degrees. Gather operations have ended. 5 stallions, 7 mares, 3 foals gathered today

Animals gathered: 15
Animals shipped:  62
Total Deaths Today:  0
Acute: 0
Chronic/Pre-existing: 0


A death labeled as "acute" is when an animal dies or is euthanized due to acute injuries or medical conditions brought about by the gather and removal process including those that occur during capture, sorting and holding at the gather site. This term will include animals that die for known or unknown reasons thought to be related to gather activities. 

A death labeled as "chronic/pre-existing" is when an animal dies or is euthanized for reasons related to chronic or pre-existing conditions such as body condition, lameness, serious physical defects, etc. This term will include animals that are euthanized for conditions not brought about by the gather activity.

Veterinary Reports

There are no veterinarian reports to display at this time. 

Adoption Information

Wild horses removed from the range will be sent to Oregon's Wild Horse and Burro Corral Facility in Burns, Oregon and the Palamino Valley Center outside of Reno, Nevada to be prepared for adoption. 

Cumulative Totals

Animals Gathered

Animals Returned to Home Range

Animal Deaths

*Includes non-gather related deaths. See details in "Gather Reports"