The vast majority of the approximately 48 million acres of public land in Nevada is open for hunting.

For information on hunting and fishing in Nevada, contact the Nevada Department of Wildlife.

Other wildlife related information may be obtained by contacting the Nevada U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Local Regulations

Clark County
Clark County has closed most of the Las Vegas Valley to recreational target shooting. Link to Clark County Shooting Closure map (the map provided is not a BLM map, please only use as reference).

In addition, Clark County adopted an ordinance in 2015 (12.04.230) that bans shooting within half a mile of a highway or within 500 feet of a public or private road, improved trail or designated campground or picnic area located throughout the unincorporated areas of Clark County.

For more information please visit the LVMPDs service request website at:

Washoe County
Washoe County has designated lands in and around the Reno-Sparks area as a congested area. Discharge of any firearm within the congested area is prohibited. It is unlawful to discharge any shotgun, air rifle or B-B gun within 1,000 feet of any dwelling, and any gun, pistol, rifle or other firearm within 5,000 feet of any occupied dwelling. It is unlawful to dis charge a firearm from, upon, over or across any federal or state highway or any county road or highway. Link to Washoe County Shooting Closure map (the map provided is not a BLM map, please only use as reference).

Further information may be obtained from the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office website or on the Washoe County Sheriff's App in the Apple App store or the Google Play store.  Both apps have a geo-referenced map that shows shooting closure areas.  

Other Nevada Counties may have ordinances restricting the discharge of firearms. Always check with local authorities.