North Platte River, photo by Bob Wick

Wyoming Planning and NEPA

All BLM-administered public lands in Wyoming and Nebraska are managed in accordance with approved resource management plans (RMPs). The dynamic nature of public land resources and uses requires that BLM maintain, amend, and when necessary, revise its RMPs.

The BLM Wyoming begins and completes hundreds of projects of varying complexity every year. This web page is designed to highlight some of the projects that have a high level of public interest and provide links to the RMPs that guide those land management decisions. If you do not see the project you are interested in on this website please visit the BLM’s ePlanning site.

Plans and NEPA Documents in Development

Plans in Effect

Resource Management Plans (RMPs) are also known as Land Use Plans (LUPs) and are used by land managers and the public to allocate resources and determine appropriate multiple uses for the public lands, develop a strategy to manage and protect resources, and set up systems to monitor and evaluate the status of resources and the effectiveness of management practices over time.

The following LUPs currently guide management of public lands administered by the BLM in Wyoming.

Frequently Requested NEPA Documents