State T&E Information

Through the links below, find information about Threatened and Endangered Species by BLM state or region.  

The state information also includes data related to Bureau Sensitive species.

What is a Bureau Sensitive Species?

The BLM manages habitat for all animal and plant species that inhabit BLM-managed public lands.  When a particular native wildlife, fish or plant species occurring on BLM lands becomes at-risk, the BLM State Director can designate the species as Bureau Sensitive.  BLM periodically reviews and updates their Bureau Sensitive species list in coordination with state agencies.  Once designated, the BLM works cooperatively with other federal and state agencies and nongovernmental organizations to proactively conserve these species and ensure that activities on public lands do not contribute to the need for their listing under the Endangered Species Act.  Conservation objectives for Bureau Sensitive species are established in BLM land use plans and guide the management of habitat while reducing conflicts with multiple uses of BLM lands.