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Inspection and Enforcement

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The BLM regularly inspects solar and wind energy projects on public lands to ensure the right-of-way holder’s compliance with applicable laws, regulations, terms, conditions, and stipulations of the right-of-way grant.  The frequency of inspections of a right-of-way may vary during the term of the project.  Generally, during periods of greater activity, such as during construction and reclamation, inspection will be completed more frequently than when there is less activity on the project, such as during the project’s operational period.  

The BLM may suspend or terminate a right-of-way as part of its enforcement activities if the holder does not comply with applicable laws, regulations, terms, conditions, or stipulations of the right-of-way.  Likewise, the BLM will suspend construction on a project if an activity deviates from the project’s resource protection requirements or authorized construction plans, and the BLM determines the activity is noncompliant.