BLM Arizona Oil and Gas Lease Sales

BLM Arizona conducts oil and gas lease sales in accordance with federal law. Lease parcels are made up of lands that have been determined to be open for leasing through BLM’s land use planning process, and are either nominated or requested by the public. Once parcels are leased, operators are required to submit exploration or development proposals to BLM who conducts an environmental analysis and applies measures to mitigate impacts before work begins.

Half of the royalties from mineral development and leasing goes back to the States.

View oil and gas lease sale notices and results below. 

The Bureau of Land Management is exercising its discretion to not hold lease sales in the second quarter of Calendar Year 2021. More information:

Arizona Lease Sales

2018 Lease Sales


BLM Arizona Federal Lease Sale, September 6, 2018 [This sale has ended. Bids were taken September 6th, 2018]

3 Parcels covering 4,101.70 acres available for lease.

Two of the parcels are located in Navajo County, totaling 3,561.07 acres, and the other parcel is in Apache County totaling 640 acres.

Lease Sale Notice 

Lease Sale Map 

Copies of the Notice of Oil and Gas Lease Sale can also be viewed online National Fluids Lease Sale System website:

The documents can be viewed in person at the BLM Arizona State Office and the BLM Safford Field Office located at 711 14th Ave., in Safford, Ariz.

More information on the parcels can be found on the BLM’s ePlanning webpage: 

Apache County Parcel

Navajo County Parcels

Competitive Sale Results - BLMAZ-2018-Q3


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