Idaho Oil And Gas Lease Sales

BLM Idaho conducts oil and gas lease sales when eligible lands are available for lease, in accordance with the Mineral Leasing Act. Lease parcels are made up of lands that have been determined to be open for leasing through BLM’s land use planning process, and are nominated by the public. Once parcels are leased, operators are required to submit exploration or development proposals to BLM who conducts an environmental analysis and applies measures to mitigate impacts before work begins.

Half of the royalties from mineral development and leasing goes back to the State.

Not all lands that are leased become developed. Leasing enables companies to secure rights to mineral resources before investing in geophysical testing and other kinds of exploratory techniques to determine if development is economically feasible. Less than one percent of all BLM-lands is developed for oil and gas resources.

The BLM now conducts lease sales online via Please refer to each sale notice for more information on how to register, bid and spectate at online oil and gas auctions.

If you would like to nominate lands for a lease sale, please submit an Expression of Interest (EOI). EOIs can be written and mailed to the State Office, emailed to, or submitted to the National Fluid Lease Sale System. Filing fees are required to submit an EOI. The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 establishes EOI fee at $5/acre initially and to adjust for inflation at least every four (4) years. Visit the Parcel Nominations and Lease Sales page for more information on EOIs.

NOTE: The Bureau of Land Management is exercising its discretion to not hold lease sales in the second quarter of Calendar Year 2021. More information:

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