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In Idaho, BLM has held two oil and gas lease sales, offering lands in southwest Idaho's Willow Field. Five parcels were sold on May 28, 2015 and eight parcels were sold on July 27, 2016. Together the 13 leases total 15,717 acres. All the leases were issued with stipulations that prevent surface and sub-surface occupancy. The stipulations will be modified once the Four Rivers Resource Management Plan is completed in 2018. As a result of BLM’s leasing, two Communitization Agreements are in place in Willow Field, enabling federal royalties to be collected on production from three wells on private lands within a 640-acre area with federal minerals. In addition, two federal oil and gas leases are in place in southeast Idaho, totaling 6,474 acres.

View current and recent oil and gas lease sale notices and results below.

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