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Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Mountains National Monument

Resource Management Plan and Final Environmental Impact Statement

Santa Rosa and Santa Jacinto National Mountains
Approved Management Plan and Record of Decision - February 2004

Provides management guidance and identifies land use decisions to be implemented for the management of public lands in the Monument. It amends the Bureau of Land Management's California Desert Conservation Area Plan, and is tiered to the San Bernardino National Forest Land and Resource Management Plan. No decisions were changed in the approved National Monument Plan from the Proposed Plan and Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS); the Proposed Plan and FEIS may be accessed through the links provided below.
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Proposed Plan and FEIS
The Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Mountains National Monument Proposed Management Plan and Final Environmental Impact Statement includes a summary, five chapters, glossary, references, maps and appendices.

Cover Sheet (PDF file, 220 Kilobytes)

The Preface (PDF File, 146Kilobytes) includes the Table of Contents and a list of Acronyms and Abbreviations.

The Executive Summary is a synopsis of the Proposed Management Plan and Final Environmental Impact Statement. Tables briefly compare the respective alternatives and summarize the effects of the proposed plan and alternatives to the resources found within the National Monument.

Executive Summary (PDF file, 65 Kilobytes)Executive Summary Table 1 (PDF file, 76 Kilobytes)
Executive Summary Table 2 (PDF file, 135 Kilobytes)Executive Summary Table 3 (PDF file, 99 Kilobytes)
Executive Summary Table 4 (PDF file, 37 Kilobytes)Executive Summary Table 5 (PDF file, 41 Kilobytes)

Chapter 1 - Purpose and Need (PDF file, 73 Kilobytes) contains introductory material for the Proposed Management Plan/FEIS. It describes the purpose and need for the preparation of the plan, the scoping process, and outlines the planning criteria.

Chapter 2 - Description of the Alternatives (PDF file, 148 Kilobytes) is organized according to the values that the Monument was established to protect: Biological, Cultural, Recreational, Geological, Educational, Scientific, and Scenic. These sections are followed by additional management areas.

Chapter 3 - Affected Environment (PDF file, 363 Kilobytes) describes the current environment that would be affected or impacted by implementing any of the alternatives. It also describes the existing management for resource areas within the National Monument where no changes to current management are proposed. It includes a description of the environmental processes, resources and major uses related to the issues. Tables are found throughout the chapter.

Chapter 4 - Environmental Consequences (PDF file, 225 Kilobytes) describes potential impacts and changes to the National Monument environment with the implementation of each of the alternatives.

Chapter 5 - Consultation and Coordination
(PDF file, 44 Kilobytes) includes a summarization of public involvement, lists agencies and organizations receiving the document, and provides a List of Preparers for the Proposed Management Plan/FEIS.

Glossary (PDF file, 77 Kilobytes) and References (PDF file, 47 Kilobytes) provide an aid to the reader in understanding the material contained in this document.

Figures (Maps) and Appendices contain additional information to aid the reader in understanding the document.

Figures Table of Contents (PDF file, 10 Kilobytes)

Figure 1. Regional Setting and Planning Area (PDF file,3.22 Megabytes)
Figure 2. Regional Planning Areas (PDF file, 3.41 Megabytes)
Figure 3. Land Ownership (PDF file, 2.8 Megabytes)
Figure 4. Wilderness (PDF file, 2.75 Megabytes)
Figure 5. Vegetation Community Types (PDF file, 3.30 Megabytes)
Figure 6. Peninsular Ranges Bighorn Sheep Essential Habitat (PDF file, 2.46 Megabytes)
Figure 7. State Game Refuges (PDF file, 2.75 Megabytes)
Figure 8. Motorized Vehicle Access (PDF file, 2.68 Megabytes)
Figure 9. Recreation Opportunity Spectrum (Forest Service) (PDF file, 2.40 Megabytes)


Appendices Table of Contents (PDF file, 12 Kilobytes)

Appendix A. Legislation Public Law 106-351-October 24, 2000 (PDF file, 303 Kilobytes)

Appendix B. Monument Advisory Committee Recommendations for Management Plan Consideration (PDF file, 65 Kilobytes)

Appendix C. BLM Planning Decisions from the BLM Coachella Valley California Desert Conservation Area Plan Amendment (PDF file, 37 Kilobytes)

Appendix D. BLM CDCA Plan Decisions and San Bernardino National Forest Land Resource Management Plan Decisions that apply to the National Monument (PDF file, 47 Kilobytes)

Appendix E. BLM Habitat Conservation Objectives from the BLM Coachella Valley California Desert Conservation Area Plan Amendment (PDF file, 54 Kilobytes)

Appendix F. Recovery Strategy for Peninsular Ranges Bighorn Sheep (PDF file, 17 Kilobytes)

Appendix G. Common Wildlife within the National Monument (PDF file, 85 Kilobytes)

Appendix H. BLM and Forest Service Wilderness Management Guidelines (PDF file, 29 Kilobytes)

Appendix I. Air Quality Management Strategy (PDF file, 14 Kilobytes)

Appendix J. Memorandum of Understanding between BLM and Forest Service (PDF file, 88 Kilobytes)

Appendix K. DEIS Comments and Recommendations From the Monument Advisory Committee (PDF file, 43 Kilobytes)

Appendix L. Response to Public Comments (PDF file, 196 Kilobytes)

Appendix M. Public Comment Letters (PDF file, 10 Megabytes)

Appendix N. Socio-Economic Impact Report (PDF file, 101 Kilobytes)


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