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Carrizo Plain National Monument

Vegetation Management

Grazing Decisions and Rationale 2015

One of our key vegetative goals is to restore and maintain a mosaic of natural communities to benefit the Monument’s biodiversity.  Some of our endangered animal species may struggle if the non-native vegetation becomes too thick and dense.  The Carrizo Plain National Monument Resource Management Plan (RMP) prescribes that excessive vegetative growth be reduced in Core Areas to help maintain native animal species.  The results of vegetation monitoring this year in the Core Areas for these species have not shown a need to reduce vegetation and we have not had to apply grazing for that purpose.  The species objectives driving these decisions are contained in the Conservation Target Table Attachment 5 in the RMP.  These decisions were based on the habitat criteria requirements for the blunt nosed leopard lizard objective (page ATT-5-55) and the fairy shrimp objective (page ATT-5-59).

While all Core Areas for the fairy shrimp, blunt-nosed leopard lizard and giant kangaroo rat were considered and assessed; no areas met the criteria for application of a grazing treatment in the 2014-2015 grazing season.

Cattle standing in grazing area.
Cattle standing in grazing area.


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