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Carrizo Plain National Monument


The Goodwin Education Center/ Tours

The Goodwin Education Center is the place to learn about the Carrizo Plain National Monument and all it has to offer!  Our beautiful diorama displays many of the threatened and endangered species that are the natural residents here.

Heritage Sites - Painted Rock

The Painted Rock pictograph site on the Carrizo Plain is recognized internationally as among the best examples of rock art in the world.  Permits are required to visit Painted Rock. Reservations must be made at www.recreation.gov or by calling 1-877-444-6777.

Traver Ranch

The L.E. Traver Ranch was established in the 1940s.  The family was primarily involved in dryland farming, and historical farming implements are on display.

Wallace Creek / San Andreas Fault

Take a walk along the San Andreas Fault at Wallace Creek.  Learn about this infamous fault that caused the 1857 Fort Tejon and the 1906 San Francisco earthquakes.

Overlook Hill

Overlook Hill is located 2 miles south of the north entrance, on the west side of Soda Lake Road.  There is a short, steep, 500 feet long trail from the parking area to the the top of Overlook Hill.  This overlook provides the best view of Soda Lake. There is a restroom and an informational kiosk at the parking lot.

Soda Lake Trail and Boardwalk

The Soda Lake trail begins at Soda Lake Road, across from Overlook Hill, and takes visitors to the edge of Soda Lake.  Round trip, the trail is .9 miles.  A boardwalk begins at the edge of Soda Lake and allows visitors to view the Lake up close while protecting sensitive habitat.


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