BLM Alaska Public Rooms: A One-stop shop to your public lands

“And then I spilled it all over the floor!” said Scott Hawkins, a 10-year Fairbanks Public Room veteran, in response to an

Students seek help locating their missing weather balloon in Utah

Students from the West Contra Costa School District’s K-12 Virtual Learning Academy in California seek help locating their missing weather balloon with its data that likely landed near the Bureau o

BLM promotes agave restoration to support bat conservation within Las Cienegas NCA

Story by Keith Hughes, Wildlife Biologist. Photos courtesy of Bat Conservation International.

Infectious respiratory disease in wild horses and burros and how BLM responds to it

Although wild horses and burros are hardy and resilient creatures, they are susceptible to respiratory diseases just like their domestic cousins.

Vulture City, Arizona

This week, the team travels to Vulture City, Arizona, a uniquely preserved Western ghost town.

Restoration and resilience on BLM-managed lands in New Mexico

Story and photos by Jackie Leyba, Outdoor Recreation Planner

How IUDs can help wild horses

As the Bureau of Land Management carries out its mission to manage and protect wild horses and burros on public lands, we’re trying to develop and use a variety of humane fertility control methods that can slow herd growth and reduce the need to gather excess animals and find them good homes.

New air quality monitoring station provides clear data in Arctic

A new Air Quality and Weather Monitoring (AQM) Station funded and maintained by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has revealed pristine air quality in the remote Arctic

Las Cruces District staff lead tour of Three Rivers Petroglyph Site

Story and photos by William Wight, BLM Las Cruces District Office Public Affairs Specialist.

BLM New Mexico employee Jack Barnitz receives Linda Seibert Career Achievement Award

Jack Barnitz, a retired Supervisory Natural Resource Specialist at the Bureau of Land Management New Mexico Las Cruces District Office, has been selected as a recipient of the Linda Seibert Career

Cabin Branch Pyrite Mine

Hello and welcome to the Record of the Week! This week, the team travels to Triangle, Virginia, home of the former Cabin Branch Pyrite Mine.

BLM Idaho Falls District partnership and employee receive national awards

Story by Bruce Hallman, Public Affairs Specialist. Photos by BLM.

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