The Bureau of Land Management issues Decision for Eldorado Canyon Dam

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CARSON CITY, Nev - The Bureau of Land Management, Sierra Front Field Office, has issued the Decision and Final Environmental Assessment for the Eldorado Canyon Dam Decommissioning Project. Eldorado Dam is located near the community of Dayton in Lyon County, Nevada.

The Eldorado Dam was constructed in 1972 on public lands under BLM’s management as a water reservoir by private entities holding water rights to water flowing through Eldorado Canyon. In the four decades after construction, the dam gradually fell into disrepair. In the 1980’s, the dam nearly overtopped resulting in evacuation of residences downstream. The State Engineer has deemed the dam to be unsafe due to a deteriorated spillway and excessive debris in the reservoir. 

“The safety issues associated with the Eldorado Dam present a hazard to life and property to the downstream community of Dayton,” said Jonathan Palma, Acting Sierra Front Field Manager.

To remedy the safety hazard, the BLM will decommission Eldorado Dam, pursuant to a 2018 agreement between the BLM, State of Nevada, Lyon County, and other stakeholders.

The environmental assessment, maps, and other information are available on the BLM National NEPA Register at:

For more information, you may contact June Loreman, Civil Engineer, (775) 276-4499 or at