Tilly Creek HMA

The horses have small body size and are related to local farming and ranching stock.

Location: This herd area is easily reached from Cedar City. It's about 10 miles northeast of Modena, Utah.

Size: 37,006 acres

Topography/Vegetation: The complex supports multiple vegetation types including grasslands, sagebrush, sagebrush/grasslands, Pinyon/Juniper, mountain fir, and mountain fir/mountain shrub. The Pinyon/Juniper woodland type dominates the HMAs and is very dense with minimal understory forage. Open areas outside the PJ canopy are dominated by big sagebrush with Indian ricegrass, wheatgrass, bluegrass, and squirreltail grass as the primary forage species.

Wildlife: A portion of the Tilly Creek Herd Management Area contains greater sage-grouse brood-rearing habitat. Other animals include kit fox, pygmy rabbit and burrowing owl.

AML:  20-50