King Top Mountains HMA

The original source of the animals is unknown. However, this herd has be augmented through historic times with domestic horses from local ranches. The King Top horses tend to be a bit smaller than the Conger horses. The herd is dominated by black, bay, and brown colors. Light colors are uncommon. The wild horses on this HMA average 13 to 14 hands tall and weigh 700 to 900 pounds.

Location: The King Top Mountains Herd Management Area (HMA) is located 70 miles west of Delta. The HMA is bounded by old Highway 50 & 6 on the north and the Crystal Peak Road on the south. Horses usually range along the foothills in the southwest portion of the HMA.

Size: 171,467 acres

Topography/Vegetation: The vegetation on the upper slopes of the HMA is dominated by pinyon and juniper communities. The lower slopes are covered by sagebrush, shadscale, and ricegrass.


AML:  20-40

Viewing Opportunities:  Travel west from Delta on U.S. Highway 50 & 6 approximately 75 miles to mile post 16 at the Little Valley Road intersection. Turn south at the intersection and travel six miles to the intersection with the Ferguson Desert Road. Turn east on the Ferguson Desert Road and travel for 12 miles to the turnoff to Probst Pond (commonly known as the Snake Pass Road). Turn east on the Snake Pass Road. Horses may be encountered anywhere north or south of this road within the next 8 miles. Another good area to view King top horses, particularly in the summer, early or late in the day, is in the vicinity of Eck's Knoll Reservoir. This reservoir is reached by continuing south from the Probst Pond sign on the Ferguson Desert Road another three miles. At the fork in the road take the left-hand fork and travel 1 1/2 miles to Eck's Knoll.