Challis Wild Horse Management Area Bait Trap Gather

Gather complete.
3/21/17 - 4/13/17

Purpose of Gather:

The Appropriate Management Level (AML) for the Challis Herd Management area is 185 – 253 horses.  As the current population was estimated to be well over 280 animals, it was important to conduct this gather to maintain range and herd health. The Challis Herd Management Area is in the heart of priority sage-grouse habitat – making it important that we maintain a stable population of wild horses.

Details of Gather:

BLM bait gathered and removed 20 horses. The returning mares will be treated with a fertility control vaccine to maintain the appropriate number of horses in the Challis Herd Management Area. Fertility control will slow population growth rates and assist in maintaining wild horse population levels. 

Adoption Information: 

Wild horses removed from the area were transported to the Challis Wild Horse Corrals to be prepared for the BLM Wild Horse Adoption Program. For more information on the Wild Horse Program, call 866-468-7826 or email Those interested in viewing the horses at the Challis Wild Horse Corrals should contact Wild Horse and Burro Specialist Kevin Lloyd at (208) 879-6200 for more information. 


The Challis Herd Management area is located southwest of Challis, Idaho in Custer County. The appropriate management level (AML) for the area is 185 – 253 horses.  

Challis Herd Management Area