Historic picture of Fort Ord Army Base.  The picture is sepia colored.  In the foreground there is a small wooden building. Old vehicles are parked along a small road. In the background are rows of tents pitched in rows before a small hill.

Fort Ord National Monument Veterans

As a former Army base, Fort Ord was a training ground for many military personnel.  People once stationed at Fort Ord and the families of service members often visit Fort Ord National Monument to revisit where they once trained (note: the National Monument encompasses many former maneuver and range areas, but no former Army barracks and/or training buildings).  Veterans and their families sometimes have questions about obtaining service records or the Central Coast Veterans Cemetery.  Please contact our partners for more information about accessing records or about the Central Coast Veterans Cemetery.  We welcome anyone who is interested in exploring Fort Ord to check out the trails on the monument.

Military Records

The Fort Ord National Monument does not have access or retain any military personnel records.  We encourage people who are seeking these records to contact the National Personnel Records Center or the Monterey County Military and Veterans Affairs Office.

For records, please contact:

National Personnel Records Center – National Archives and Administration

www. archives.gov/st-louis

Monterey County Military and Veterans Affairs Office
1200 Aguajito Road, Suite 003
Monterey, CA 93940

Fort Ord National Monument Partner Central Coast Veterans Cemetery

The Central Coast Veterans Cemetery (CCCVC) is a neighboring partner of the Fort Ord National Monument.  Located in Monterey County, within the city of Seaside, the Central Coast Veterans Cemetery is the second California Veterans Cemetery developed and constructed in cooperation with the United States Department of Veterans Affairs, Veterans Cemetery Grants Program.  The CCCVC is still under construction; however, the first phase of the cemetery opened on October 11, 2016.

To find out more about the cemetery, please contact our partners at:

The California Central Coast Veterans Cemetery 
Their Office is located at the veterans cemetery

Monterey County Military and Veterans Affairs Office
1200 Aguajito Road, Suite 003
Monterey, CA 93940

Office hours vary, please call before dropping by.



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Fort Ord National Monument

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