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Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA) Conveyances

ANCSA was enacted in 1971 to settle aboriginal land title claims with Alaska Natives. Part of ANCSA  provides for each specific regional or village corporation to select federal lands within their legally defined regions to be conveyed to them.  The selection process was completed in the early 70s, and the BLM is currently working through some of the more complicated conveyances and patents.

Additionally, under Section 14(h)(1), Alaska Native regional corporations were allowed to submit applications to obtain title to lands across the state containing Native historical places and cemetery sites.

Fiscal Year 2020 ANCSA Conveyance Work Plan
Ahtna Region Project, MentastaAhtna
Ahtna Region Project (MS 2325)Ahtna
Cantwell Village ProjectAhtna
Chistochina Village ProjectAhtna
Copper Center Village ProjectAhtna
Tazlina Village ProjectAhtna
The Aleut Corporation Region Project (Section 14h1)Aleut
Nuiqsut Village ProjectArctic Slope
Point Spencer Legislation ProjectBering Straits
Clarks Point Village Closure ProjectBristol Bay
Atmautluak Village Closure ProjectCalista
Emmonak Village Closure ProjectCalista
Kipnuk Village Closure ProjectCalista
Scammon Bay Village Closure ProjectCalista
Chugach Alaska Corporation Project (Section 14h1)Chugach
The Eyak Corporation Village ProjectChugach
CIRI Region ProjectCIRI
Eklutna Village ProjectCook Inlet
Doyon Regional, 40-Mile ProjectDoyon
Stevens Village ProjectDoyon
Tanana Village ProjectDoyon
Port Lions Village ProjectKoniag
Angoon Village Closure ProjectSealaska