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Gold Panning on the Rogue River

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Gold Panning
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What is Gold Panning?

Gold panning is the washing of earth or crushed rock with a non-motorized pan, by agitation with water, for the purpose of obtaining gold or other precious metals.

WHERE Can I Gold Pan along the Rogue River?

Panning is permissible, below the current water level, within the Rogue National Wild and Scenic River corridor on BLM lands, from the Applegate River to just below Mule Creek at river mile 47. This includes tributaries of a mile up from the Rogue River. Property boundaries are not marked on the ground, so you need to be sure you are on public lands.

WHEN Can I Gold Pan along the Rogue River?

Panning is allowed year round. Panning is not allowed when salmon or steelhead are spawning or there are redds (fish eggs) present.

Do I Need a PERMIT?

No permit is required.

More Important Information

  • The use of shovels, high bankers, rockers, or sluices is not permitted.
  • Dredges are not permitted.
  • Digging into or undermining the side bank of the waterway is not permitted.
  • You can only pan in the water channel below the current level of the water.

Panners shall not:

  1. dam or divert a waterway or obstruct fish passage;
  2. move boulders, logs, woody debris jams, or stumps other than movement by hand;
  3. disturb rooted or embedded woody plants, including but not limited to, trees and shrubs;
  4. excavate the streambank;
  5. impede boating;
  6. camp longer than 14 calendar days per 90 day period, within a 25 mile radius; and
  7. camp in any area posted as closed to that use.

Federal Register Vol. 57, No. 110, 43 CFR 8351.2-1

For more information contact the Medford BLM Interagency Office at 541-618-2200.

Important Closure Information

Dredging is not allowed.

State law prohibits all motorized dredging within the Rogue River corridor between the mouth of the Applegate River to Lobster Creek. All Oregon State Scenic Waterways are now closed to motorized dredging.

For more information contact the Division of State Lands at 503-986-5200.