Shoshone Field Office

The largest office in the Twin Falls District, the Shoshone Field Office is located in south-central Idaho and manages approximately 1.7 million acres of public lands. It is home to the largest known density of caves within BLM, and manages nearly 40% of the Bald Mountain Ski Area in Sun Valley. In this region, BLM co-manages the Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve with the National Park Service, which features some of the best examples of recent basaltic volcanic flows on the mainland.   Another unique feature to the Shoshone Field Office is Black Magic Canyon, where the Big Wood River has carved a narrow path of exquisite, swirling rock sculptures into the surrounding black basalt.  The four-mile section of complex carvings and potholes is one of the best and most beautiful examples of eroded river bedrock in the United States.  While recreation opportunities attract thousands of visitors to the rivers, streams, trails and ski areas each year, livestock grazing is also part of the historic fabric in this area with 215 allotments and 172 permittees. The Shoshone Field Office has the most livestock crossing permits in Idaho – trailing occurs across 87 allotments for a total of 366 trailing events; permittees often use historic trail routes that date back decades! 


Codie Martin

Field Manager