Burley Field Office

The Burley Field Office, located in south-central Idaho, manages approximately 834,700 acres of public lands. Here, the Oregon-California National Historic Trail hosts some of the best-preserved evidence of early pioneer trail sections. The office is home to the only geothermal energy development projects in Idaho as well as the Burley Landscape Sage-Grouse Habitat Restoration Initiative—a remarkable collaboration between state, federal and private entities, making huge strides to restore wildlife habitat on a landscape level. The Burley Field Office has an important customer base when it comes to rangeland management. There are 229 livestock grazing allotments and over 180 permittees. Visitors to this area enjoy plenty of opportunities for hunting, fishing, mountain biking, rock climbing, and motorized riding. Oakley Stone, a decorative quartzite, is mined on public land in this region and shipped across the United States as well as internationally.


Ken Crane

Field Manager