Connecting People to Their Public Lands 2022

Volunteers building a fence by Wesley Trimble/American Hiking Society

Education, volunteers, and youth employment programs enable the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to achieve its mission by offering ways for people of all ages to engage with public lands. The BLM offers education experiences and activities that ignite a spark of interest to learn more about natural and cultural resources. These experiences connect people with ways to discover and explore some of America’s most spectacular landscapes and build an appreciation for public lands. Volunteers help the BLM to complete unfunded work that otherwise would not be accomplished. The BLM works hand-in-hand with communities to engage people of all ages and backgrounds in meaningful service on their public lands. The BLM uses several youth employment programs, such as the Public Lands Corps, to provide a cost-effective way to accomplish mission-critical work. This report highlights the BLM’s education, volunteers, and youth employment programs achievements occurring in fiscal year 2021.

Publication Date

Fri, 10/14/2022




Collection: BLM Library
Category: Annual Report