Wounded Warrior

The Wounded Warrior Program (WWP) is a Department of Defense (DOD) initiative that follows the Government Executive Order # 13518, November 9, 2009, Employment of Veterans in the Federal Government.

This program affords us the opportunity to support veterans during their medical recovery as well as prepare them for future employment with the federal government. Through the WWP, we provide career development opportunities for active duty service members recovering from a medical procedure through rewarding assignments that enable wounded individuals to:

  • Build a resume
  • Explore employment interests
  • Develop job skills
  • Gain valuable federal government work experience prior to their transition back to the military or into the civilian workforce

Other Details

A participant must be an active duty service member recovering from a medical procedure and be authorized by the DOD to participate in the WWP. The Wounded Warrior must be a U.S. citizen, have been adjudicated in a single scope background investigation, or have the ability to secure such adjudication. Additionally, the WWP offers the participant a formal means of transitioning back to the military or civilian workforce. BLM hiring managers view the internship as a working interview opportunity to evaluate candidates for possible permanent employment. This internship is available at select BLM offices.

Wounded Warrior Pilot Program FAQs

What is a Wounded Warrior (WW)?
A Wounded Warrior is a military service member on active duty who is recovering from a medical procedure and assigned to the Wounded Warrior Program during their recovery phase.

What is the purpose of the WW Program?
The purpose of the WW Program is to assist military service members by providing them with meaningful job tasks and responsibilities to enhance their professional work experience. This experience will assist service members when transitioning into the civilian workforce in the future.

What are the minimum qualifications to participate in the WW Program?

  • Be a U.S. citizen
  • Be an active duty service member and assigned to a WW Unit/Detachment/Regiment
  • Have at least six (6) months remaining on the WW status
  • Be cleared by the DOD to participate in the WWP internship
  • Be able to get to and from the assigned worksite

What basic skills are required?
Basic skills include effective time management, analytical ability, computer skills, and organizational and administrative abilities.

Does the WW have to work a 40-hour week?
No. The total hours will be determined by the WW's availability after complying with their medical rehabilitation.

Do we provide special accommodations?
The WW should be able to travel to and from the duty station. If special accommodations are needed, all efforts will be made to coordinate these requests.

What happens at the end of the internship?
WWs will either separate from the BLM or may be considered for full-time employment based on a Funded Staffing Level (FSL). If a Hiring Manager has an available FSL, WWs can start the screening and conversion process. If Hiring Managers do not have an available FSL, WWs can contact the WW Program Manager to be considered for other available vacancies.

Who can I contact if I am eligible and interested in participating in the WWP internship?
Email your interest to blm_hq_careers@blm.gov with “Wounded Warrior Program” in the subject line.