Updated Seasonal Avoidance Areas in Indian Creek

Two climbers scaling a wall within the Indian Creek Area in Bears Ears National Monument. Photo used with permission. Credit: Faith Dickey.

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) appreciates the cooperation shown by the climbing community this spring in avoiding potential raptor nesting areas in the Indian Creek Climbing area. The BLM is actively conducting raptor nesting surveys and continues to work with agency partners to conduct surveys in the area. The BLM has completed the first phase of surveys. The BLM will continue monitoring efforts throughout the summer and will notify the public once young birds have fledged, which is expected before the fall climbing season begins. 

Climbers are asked to continue avoiding areas with walls commonly referenced in climbing guides and websites as: Echoes; the Wall; Sacred Cow; First Meat; Second Meat; Six Star; Selfish; Public Service; Cat; Slug and Reservoir walls. While this list serves as a guide, it does not indicate every avoidance area or encompass all known names of the affected climbing areas. Please refer to the “Indian Creek Recreation Avoidance Areas Map” June 2023 update to identify avoidance areas. 

The desert canyons of southeastern Utah provide habitat for falcons, eagles, and other birds of prey. Visitors with keen eyes are sometimes rewarded with their aerial acrobatics. The BLM would like to remind everyone to respect wildlife and retain a safe viewing distance. These species in Utah continue to recover from low population levels, thanks in part to cooperation from the public, climbing communities and governmental partners.

For questions about raptors and migratory bird habitat or recreational climbing in the Indian Creek area, please contact Melissa Wardle at the BLM Monticello Field Office at 435-587-1527. This notice and a map depicting updated avoidance areas will be posted at trailheads.

Rachel Wooton, Public Affairs Specialist