Notice of Realty Action: Recreation and Public Purposes Act Classification; Arizona

Phoenix DO
Hassayampa FO
Ryan Randell, Land Law Examiner
Chris Wonderly, Public Affairs Specialist

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM), Hassayampa Field Office, examined two parcels consisting of approximately 640 acres of public land and determined that the parcels are suitable for classification for lease and/or conveyance under the provisions of the Recreation and Public Purpose Act, as amended (R&PP). The R&PP allows local governments to lease, develop, and subsequently acquire public lands for recreational uses when the proposed use complies with local government and BLM land use planning. The City of Buckeye (Applicant) filed an application to develop the land as a local park that will help meet future expanding recreational needs in Buckeye, Arizona. The BLM is seeking public comments as to the suitability of the lands for lease and/or conveyance under the R&PP Act.

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