April 25: BLM to host virtual public meeting about sage-grouse management on public lands

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The latest science shows that Greater sage-grouse numbers continue to decline, and BLM has proposed a range of options for protecting its habitat on public lands.  

Join us for a virtual public meeting to learn more about these alternatives and the new science we’ve considered in developing them: Thursday, Apr. 25, 4 – 6pm Mountain Time. We’ll answer questions after an introductory presentation. Pre-register at this Zoom link.  

Learn about BLM’s proposals for strong, balanced management of Greater sage-grouse habitat on public lands in the draft environmental impact statement.  

The comment period on proposed plans is open through June 13, 2024. Your involvement and feedback will inform the final environmental analysis and help us reach the best decisions about conserving sage-grouse habitat and sustaining wildlife for the future.