Every year a call for nominations and applications is sent out to appoint or reappoint members to the DAC. Terms of appointment are three years unless a member is appointed to fill the remaining term of a member that resigned. We strive to balance the DAC with a diverse representation of interests each year.  

Category 1

Member Representing Term Ends
Edwin Stovin OHV users 8/31/2026
Desirea Haggard Energy & Minerals 8/31/2026
Joshua Martelli Commercial Recreation 4/3/2027
Nathan Francis Energy & Minerals 4/3/2027


Category 2

Member Representing Term Ends
Jack Thompson Environmental Organizations 2/27/2025
Hans Haas Dispersed Recreation Interests 10/13/2025
Jennifer Henning Dispersed Recreation Interests 10/13/2025
Richard Holliday Dispersed Recreation Interests 4/3/2027
Steven Reyes Archeology/Historic 4/3/2027

Category 3

Member Representing Term Ends
Dawn Rowe Elected Officials 8/31/2026
Ann Kulikoff Public at Large  8/31/2026
Terrance McGlynn Academician 8/31/2026
Robert Robinson Tribal 4/3/2027
Randy Banis Public-at-Large 4/3/2027