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Landscape view of the Organ Mountains Desert-Peaks National Monument in New Mexico. Photo by Bob Wick, BLM.

Organ Mountains Desert Peaks National Monument

Organ Mountains Desert Peaks National Monument was established on May 21st, 2014. As part of the National Conservation Lands System the nearly 496,000 acres are some of the Southwest’s most iconic landscapes.

The Monument is the current backdrop to Las Cruces, New Mexico, but has a long history where Geronimo and Billy the Kid once roamed, the Butterfield stagecoach meandered, and World War II pilots trained. It is home to diverse geological, biological and cultural resources. The diversity of landscapes, wildlife and hidden desert treasures provide artists endless inspiration.

The Artist in Residence partnership between the Friends of Organ Mountains and BLM educates and promotes the appreciation, protections and preservation of natural and cultural resources on public lands.The residency provides an artist and public an opportunity to interact to better enhance the understanding of the public lands as well as the unique qualities an artists eye can capture.

Current Artist-in-Residence Opportunities

We currently have no openings for an Artist in Residence in this or other New Mexico locations, but please stay tuned for future opportunities.

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