Wild horses running on a plain. Words read: Tales from the Trails. Your "mane" source for wild horse and burro stories

The Tales from the Trails blog pulls together wild horse and burro stories from across the Bureau of Land Management. These are stories about our work to manage and protect wild horse and burro herds on public lands, how animals are cared for in our off-range holding facilities and where they end up after they've been adopted to a good home. 

With kindness and patience, a wild horse or burro may be trained for many uses.  Wild horses have become champions in dressage, jumping, barrel racing, endurance riding, and pleasure riding, while burros excel in driving, packing, riding, guarding, and serving as companion animals.  Both wild horses and wild burros are known for their sure-footedness, strength, intelligence, and endurance. Contact the BLM or visit an event or facility near you to learn more about how you can bring home your own wild horse or burro. 

Send us your story!

If you're a proud partner to a wild horse or burro, we want to hear from you! Tell us about your trek "from wild to mild," a competition you won, or just tell us about why you're proud of your wild horse or burro.

Send your written stories and photos to wildhorse@blm.gov with the subject line MY WILD HORSE (or BURRO) STORY. For best results, stories should include your and your horse or burro's name, location (state) and at least one good photograph of the animal, you with the animal, or some other acitvity you'd like to convey. Please include at least one photograph depicting the freeze mark. Stories should be 300-500 words in length.

Labor of Logistics: Coordinating safe transportation for wild horses and burros across the United States

For those animals that leave the range, Meredith Kueck guides the complex process of moving them around the country, to reach new owners. She handles the logistics of animal shipping, planning routes to minimize stress on the animals and making more efficient use of taxpayers’ money.

My Wild Burro Story: Adam Eggers and Penelope

Penelope or “Penny” is from Yuma, Arizona, and was a part of the BLM and Arizona Dept. of Corrections Wild Horse and Burro Training Program. We adopted her about 3.5 years ago...

My wild burro story: Karin Usko and Bracelet Margarita

Just three days before Bishop's event we were still convinced she was going to be adopted out to some lucky home. I decided to take her on a 4-mile walk -- and we jogged. She did so great that I told my husband, "this is a premium donkey, she will be a great and docile pack burro runner!" Well, she went to the adoption event in Bishop and then came home with us!

Top 6 things to know about wild horse off-range pastures

Off-range pastures are an important part of wild horse management and are BLM’s answer for unadopted and unsold horses – but what, exactly, are they? Here are the top 6 things you should know about BLM’s wild horse off-range pastures.

New application makes it even easier to bring home a wild horse or burro

Bringing home a wild horse or burro just got a little easier!