Managing, protecting, and finding homes for America’s wild horses and burro is challenging as it is rewarding.  The BLM relies on the work of many partners to accomplish its mission of maintaining healthy wild horses and burros on healthy public lands. 

The BLM works with its partners to accomplish range and herd management goals; training and adopting excess wild horses and burros; raising awareness of the unique qualities and sustained privilege of owning a wild horses or burro; and many other activities to improve the lives of the animals.

Explore some of our partnerships that are making a difference by assisting the BLM with managing and protecting wild horses and burros: 

Become a partner!

Partnering with the BLM can be a rewarding experience for those passionate about the agency's mission to manage and protect wild horses and burros. Since 2021, the BLM has released annual funding opportunities to support various goals and priorities of the Wild Horse and Burro Program, from applying fertility control on the range to training and adoption programs. Open funding opportunities are posted to and listed on our Funding Opportunities page.