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The history, ecology and management of wild horses and burros on public lands are fascinating topics for all ages. The BLM encourages students, teachers and anybody else interested in learning about wild horses and burros to explore these resources and discover why these living legends are so ingrained in the cultural heritage of the United States, and why management is so important to their wellbeing. 

Additional BLM educational resources can be found in Classrooms Investigations

The cover of the activity book, which shows horses running on a plain.

Wild Horse and Burro Activity Book

A fun, activity-filled book for learners of all ages interested in the history of wild horses and burros, how they survive in the wild, and why BLM manages herds on public lands. 

Cover of the answer key to the activity book, showing horses running on a plain.

Wild Horse and Burro Activity Book Answer Key

Find answers to the activities and quizzes in the Wild Horse and Burro Activity Book. 

A certificate of completion with an image of a horse and an image of a burro.

Wild Horse and Burro Activity Book Certificate

When a learner has completed the Wild Horse and Burro Activity Book, download this certificate, insert a name and date, and print! 

A screenshot of the .pdf.

Horse Rich, Dirt Poor Video Discussion Guide

This discussion guide helps educators use the 15-minute video "Horse Rich, Dirt Poor" to explain how important it is to carefully manage wild horses as part of a balance on public lands.


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Learn about the story of America's wild horses and burros! Find other educational videos on the Wild Horse and Burro YouTube

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