BLM Arizona Success Story

Working Landscapes

At the Agua Fria National Monument, in the Horseshoe Grazing Allotment, where one of the most important multiple-use missions takes place: livestock grazing.  Grazing has occurred on the Monument for almost a century while also serving as a habitat for a variety of wildlife species.  "We've put a lot of effort in to improving water, having permanent water for both the cattle and wildlife," said John Holbrook, the BLM grazing allotment permittee.  "We do rotational grazing so the whole herd stays together, then we leave the water on for the wildlife."  If managed properly, grazing can actually have a positive effect on the ecosystem.  The BLM has been working with Holbrook to come up with innovative solutions to protect nearby riparian areas while maintaining grazing in the area.  Due to the working relationship between the BLM and permittee, the riparian areas are actually thriving and moving in an upward trend.  "Through working with BLM closely, I've figured out that when they come to me with a problem I know where they are coming from and what we can change or do things differently so that we are doing the best job we can," said Holbrook.