The sandstone mesas of the Cebolla Wilderness.

Cebolla Wilderness

The 61,600 acre Cebolla Wilderness is made up of sandstone mesas, canyons, and grassy valleys. Piñon-juniper woodlands dominate the area, though ponderosa pine is found on north facing slopes. Vertical escarpments provide excellent nesting habitat for golden eagles, prairie falcons, red-tail hawks, and great horned owls. The Cebolla Wilderness is rich in prehistoric archaeological sites, petroglyphs, and historic homesteads. One notable archaeological site is the Dittert Site. Sometime between A.D. 1000 and 1300, the Dittert Site was built and inhabited by the ancestors of modern Pueblo Indian people. The Cebolla Wilderness also contains La Ventana Natural Arch, a dramatic arch sculpted through wind and water erosion in the sandstone cliffs. The Wilderness is located within the El Malpais National Conservation Area.

Quick Facts

Location: South of Grants

Elevation Range: 7,000-8,200 feet
BLM Acreage: 61,600 acres

Located within the El Malpais National Conservation Area

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