National Conservation Lands 15-Year Strategy

The National Landscape Conservation System 15-Year Strategy, 2010 to 2025 provides national-level guidance for managing BLM’s National Conservation Lands. The national strategy is organized around four major themes: 1) Ensuring the conservation, protection, and restoration of NLCS values; 2) Collaboratively managing the NLCS as part of the larger landscape; 3) Raising awareness of the value and benefits of the NLCS; and 4) Building upon the BLM’s commitment to conservation. 

Each BLM state office prepared a step-down strategy organized around the same four themes outlined in the national strategy.  The state strategies, which identify statewide and National Conservation Lands unit-level action items, serve to prioritize the most important work to be accomplished. For more information, visit National Conservation Lands state-specific sites.

Overview and Strategy at National Level

15 Year Strategy

With the expiration of this strategy coming up in 2025, BLM has initiated the strategy renewal process by first collecting insights and perspectives from Tribes, BLM staff, and external partners during the fall of 2023 and winter of 2024. Questions or feedback can be sent to the following email address:

Below is an overview of the existing strategy and strategy renewal effort, presented during an external engagement partner meeting in November 2023.

2023 NLCS Partner Listening Session for NLCS Strategy