California Wildlife

A desert tortoise sits near wildflowers.California is home to a wide range wildlife and plant life; it is considered the state with the highest biodiversity.   Much of this diversity is attributed to the diversity of landscapes and habitats — from the rocky coasts along the Pacific Ocean to the arid deserts in the south to the high sagebrush plains in the northeast and all the forests, woodlands, grasslands and shrubs in between.  

Mammals found on BLM lands range from the majestic elk like those found bugling in the coastal prairies in the Arcata Field Office to the tiny harvester mice scampering thru the patchy chaparral in the Central Coast Field Office. Birds, such as greater sandhill crane, meadowlarks, chipping sparrows, Anna’s hummingbirds, call BLM lands home for raising their young, migratory stopovers, or overwintering; some stay year-round. As you hike along a trail on BLM lands keep yours eyes downward, you might catch a glimpse of a pacific chorus frogs, spiny lizard, or terrestrial garter snake. 

Our primary focus is to manage the diverse landscapes of California to maintain or improve wildlife and plants populations. Our goal is for people to enjoy and benefit from these public trust resources.                                      

Harbor seal laying sideways on a rock in the sun

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