Production Measurement Team

The BLM formed the Production Measurement Team (PMT) through the promulgation of new measurement regulations under 43 CFR 3170 - Onshore Oil and Gas Production: General43 CFR 3174 – Measurement of Oil, and 43 CFR 3175 – Measurement of Gas. The PMT operates under guidance from these rules and other Regulations and Policy.

The primary purpose of the PMT, as defined under 43 CFR 3170.3, is to act as a central advisory body for reviewing measurement technology, equipment, and processes. The PMT will recommend that the BLM approve those technologies, equipment, and processes that are capable of meeting the performance goals of 43 CFR 3174.4 and 43 CFR 3175.31.  The performance goals in these sections consist of:

  • Defined levels of overall measurement uncertainty:
    • This is the combined uncertainty of all the individual measurement components. The PMT quantifies the uncertainty of each measurement component, and defines the operating limits for which that uncertainty is valid;
  • Measurement that is free of statistically significant bias; and,
  • Equipment and processes that are independently verifiable by the BLM.

Once the BLM approves a new device or method through the PMT Review Process, any operator of a Federal or Indian lease, CA, or unit PA can use that device or process without any further review by the BLM.