Application for PMT Equipment Review: BLM Form 3170-019 

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PMT Review Process

A review process begins when the Production Measurement Team (PMT) receives an application for oil and gas measurement technologies, methods, and standards not covered under the regulations or for equipment and software covered under the regulations. The PMT then undertakes the four main phases of the application review process: Application Completeness; Data Sufficiency; Data Review; and a Written Report of Findings.

Application completeness

The PMT reviews the application for completeness to:

  1. Ensure all required fields on the cover sheet are populated for devices and software covered by the regulations. For devices or methodologies not covered by the regulations, ensure that applicant has adequately described the device or method for which approval is requested;
  2. Ensure any required test data or other supporting data is attached; and,
  3. Provide feedback to the applicant with details of any submission deficiencies found.

Once the PMT determines the application is complete it will generate a reference number and send it to the applicant.

Data sufficiency

The PMT also reviews test data submitted with the application, to determine whether the test data is sufficient to conduct analysis. This review process consists of the following steps:

  1. If the application is complete and has no deficiencies, verify testing conforms to applicable standards provided by the PMT; and,
  2. Provide feedback to the applicant with details of any testing deficiencies found.

Data review

Once the PMT determines the application is correctly completed and testing data conforms to applicable protocols, it can move to the data analysis phase, consisting of the following two steps:

  1. The PMT analyzes test data in accordance with applicable standards and sound statistical methodology; and,
  2. The PMT validates or invalidates the applicant’s results and conclusions based on the data.

Written report of findings

Lastly, the PMT prepares a written report of its findings. This report consists of:

  1. A written summary of the analysis for the applicant’s submission; and,
  2. A written summary of the validation of the applicant’s submission, including specific information on:
    • Reference uncertainty, influence effects, and operating restrictions;
    • The ability for the BLM to independently verify the device, method, or software in the field;
    • Hardware  make, model, and range/size; and,
    • Software or firmware versions, including any patch or revision specifics. 
  3. A recommendation to the BLM to either approve or not approve the device, method, or software.