The front door and sign for BLM Oregon/Washington State Office Entrance

Oregon/Washington State Office

In western Oregon, the BLM manages two million acres of forest in a checkerboard ownership pattern. These forests provide important habitat for many threatened and endangered fish and wildlife species and are considered some of the most productive forests in the world.

The public land found in eastern Oregon is characterized by large swaths of basin and range topography. These dramatic, semi-arid landscapes provide a wide variety of recreation and commercial opportunities while also proving habitat for a diverse array of fish and wildlife species.

In Washington, the BLM lands are found predominantly east of the Cascade Mountain Range but can be visited as far west as the San Juan Islands. Habitats include the maritime Puget Sound lowlands, the central Columbia Basin sagebrush regime, many riparian zones, and the coniferous forest and sub-alpine areas of northeast Washington.

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Barry Bushue

State Director

Anita Bilbao

Associate State Director

Don Manuszewski

Deputy State Director, Communications

Todd Curtis

Deputy State Director, Resources

Jonathan Lebaron

Deputy State Director, Management Services


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