Northwest Oregon District Office

Northwest Oregon District Office

To report downed trees blocking BLM roads impeding access to residences, please email We are collecting data to help prioritize road clearing locations. Be sure to include the following information in your request: name, address, phone number, location of hazard, and pictures if possible. You will receive confirmation your email has been received. This email box is monitored Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 3:00 pm.

From east to west the District stretches from the crest of the Cascades to the Pacific Ocean.

Approximately 75% of Oregon's population lives within the boundaries of the Northwest Oregon District. The District manages its forests for recreation, wildlife, lumber production, and more. Sightseeing, camping, hiking, boating, hunting, fishing, cutting fire wood, and collecting mushrooms are just a few of the activities Oregonians enjoy on Northwest Oregon BLM lands.

The Northwest Oregon BLM uses an ecosystem land management approach. Northwest Oregon employs foresters, land surveyors, wildlife biologists, hydrologists, fish biologists, botanists, outdoor recreation planners, civil engineers, computer specialists, fire managers, law enforcement officers, and other specialists to manage BLM lands in the Northwest Oregon District.



Dennis Teitzel

District Manager

Christopher Arne

Deputy District Manager