Galena Alaska Fire Service office sign

Galena Fire Management Zone Office

At approximately 93.5 million acres, this is the largest BLM AFS Fire Management Zone. It covers an area in Western Alaska from the North Slope south to the Yukon River; and from the west coast east to the border of the Tanana Zone. The Galena Zone operates a remote field station in Galena during the fire season. Facilities at the Galena field station include a dispatch center, housing and dining facilities, a maintenance shop, and a warehouse. Internal and external assignment and movement of all resources, both tactical and logistical, occur out of the remote field station. Additionally, the outstation serves as a aircraft refueling hub for fire suppression operations in western Alaska. The Logistical Unit functions are specific to the Galena Zone with operations performed on a smaller scale with a smaller staff than those at BLM AFS facilities on Fort Wainwright. Support operations are closely coordinated with other Zones and the Logistics Operations Branch at Fort Wainwright.


Jake Livingston

Fire Management Officer
907-656-9630 in Galena 907-356-5626 in Fairbanks

Dustin Widmer

Assistant Fire Management Officer
907-656-9631 in Galena, 907-356-5623 in Fairbanks