My Wild Horse Story: Gallegos Family

During the Winter 2020 adoption event for wild horses gathered from the Challis herd management area, the Gallegos family made a 5-hour trip from Boise to Challis, Idaho, with plans to take home their very first wild horse – fulfilling a long-held dream. They had been doing their research and talking to a community of "horse friends" including many who had been through the BLM Idaho partnership with University of Idaho’s 4-H program. They decided they wanted to experience working with a wild mustang as a family, and because the Challis herd has such a good reputation, they had their heart set on bringing home a younger gelding.

Once on site at the adoption event, the Gallegos studied each horse in the pens and asked BLM staff as well as members of the Idaho Mustangs Club about their observations of some of their early picks. It didn’t take long for the Gallegos to single out a 3-year old bay gelding with a blaze face. He had a kind eye and seemed to be calm as he moved about his pen. The Gallegos’ won the high bid on the horse and quickly named him 'Roscoe.' Surprisingly, they also won a bid on a younger 8-month-old weanling, 'Riddle.' 

“We are absolutely thrilled with Roscoe and Riddle,” said Michele Gallegos. “They are truly gentle souls, willing to please and smart! Our whole family including children Andrew and Emma have taken on working with them as a project and we have learned so much.”

Thanks to guidance from Mustang Mania competitor and trainer Makia Stanger, Roscoe is leading through trail obstacles, picking up his feet and loading into a horse trailer.

“We are so grateful for the AIP program and our horse community – this has been a wonderful experience!”

Andrew Gallego with Roscoe on a bridge.
Andrew Gallegos with Roscoe.
Emalee Gallegos with Riddle.
Emalee Gallegos with Riddle.