Wild Horse and Burro

Interested in the use of motorized vehicles to manage wild horses and burros? The BLM wants to hear from you!

As part of its efforts to manage and protect the health of wild horses and burros and the public lands on which they live, the Bureau of Land Management often uses motorized vehic

BLM Idaho Horse Whisperer Goes Back to School

Last winter, BLM Idaho Challis Field Office Wild Horse Specialist Kevin Lloyd got to go back to school.

104 wild horses and burros find new homes in Texas as BLM starts adoption season strong

As the Bureau of Land Management kicks off the prime season for adoptions, 104 wild horses and burros found new homes at a two-day event in Beeville, Texas last weekend.

Kittie Wilkins: Idaho's Horse Queen

Kittie Wilkins did not fit what one might expect of a "horse trader" at the time, espeically not one whose business had such national and international inflluence...

Labor of Logistics: Coordinating safe transportation for wild horses and burros across the United States

For those animals that leave the range, Meredith Kueck guides the complex process of moving them around the country, to reach new owners. She handles the logistics of animal shipping, planning routes to minimize stress on the animals and making more efficient use of taxpayers’ money.