Wild Horse and Burro

My Wild Burro Story: Adam Eggers and Penelope

Penelope or “Penny” is from Yuma, Arizona, and was a part of the BLM and Arizona Dept. of Corrections Wild Horse and Burro Training Program. We adopted her about 3.5 years ago...

My wild burro story: Karin Usko and Bracelet Margarita

Just three days before Bishop's event we were still convinced she was going to be adopted out to some lucky home. I decided to take her on a 4-mile walk -- and we jogged. She did so great that I told my husband, "this is a premium donkey, she will be a great and docile pack burro runner!" Well, she went to the adoption event in Bishop and then came home with us!

Eastern States leads the Nation in WHB virtual compliance inspections

The BLM has been looking for new and innovative ways to get work done in the Wild Horse and Burro Program. One new  “tool” in the toolbox is virtual compliance inspections.

Top 6 things to know about wild horse off-range pastures

Off-range pastures are an important part of wild horse management and are BLM’s answer for unadopted and unsold horses – but what, exactly, are they? Here are the top 6 things you should know about BLM’s wild horse off-range pastures.

Adopt a 4-H Trained Wild Horse on September 12, 2020!

The East Idaho 4-H and BLM Wild Horse and Burro Program partnership is excited to present the following   4-H trained wild horses for adoption on Spetember 12, 2020.