Rogue River National Recreation Trail

The Rogue River National Recreation Trail traverses the wild section of the Lower Rogue National Wild and Scenic River along its entire length. Stretching 40 miles between Grave Creek and Big Bend, the trail offers some of southwestern Oregon's most amazing landscapes and rewarding hiking experiences. Majestic steep canyon walls, cascading waterfalls, and glistening streams are just a glimpse of the magnificent scenery in the Wild Rogue Canyon. Observation and exploration opportunities abound for hikers to observe wildlife, wildflowers and historical sites along the way.

The Rogue River Trail is a HIKING TRAIL ONLY, closed to motorized vehicles, bicycles, and pack animals. The trail may be hiked from either end or from the middle.

The trail is rated DIFFICULT due to the remote nature of the trail, tall cliffs, the potential for downed trees, landslides and high water in creeks. Most of the trail is well constructed and has moderate grades. The average hiker takes 4-5 days to walk the 40 miles.

During the heat of the summer, temperatures may reach 100° F. Many hikers choose to hike from west to east, keeping the afternoon sun at their backs.

Moderate temperatures make spring and fall popular seasons to hike. Annual maintenance usually occurs April through June, after winter storms are no longer a threat.

Check out the Rogue River National Recreation Trail Guide for a detailed description of the trail.

Distances from Grave Creek

  • Location - Miles
  • Whisky Creek - 3.2
  • Black Bar Lodge - 9.3
  • Kelsey Creek - 15
  • Rogue River Ranch - 22.7
  • Marial - 23.9
  • Blossom Bar - 26.4
  • Paradise Creek - 27.3
  • Brushy Bar - 30.5
  • Big Bend/Foster Bar - 40

Know Before You Go:

  • Sections of the trail have significant EXPOSURE RISK as the trail traverses steep cliffs and rocky outcrops along the Rogue River. Please use caution and watch your footing.
  • A Wild Rogue Float Permit is required for trail hikers when trail hikers are supported by boaters. A Permit is not required if a hiker hikes the trail and packs all of their own gear. More permit information.
  • Water in creeks should be treated by boiling or filtration methods before consumption. Water is NOT available at the Rogue River Ranch.
  • The BLM and Forest Service provide toilets at some campsites. At sites where toilets are not provided, please pack out human waste with an approved system, or use the "cat hole" method.

Point of Interest:

The Rogue River trail is notable for its rich history which is manifested in the three National Historic Sites along its path: Whisky Creek, Zane Grey Cabin and Rogue River Ranch. Read about some of the wild endeavors of the river canyon's former occupants in the Rogue River National Recreation Trail Guide.


Rafters on the Rogue River
Rafters on the Rogue River
Rogue River View
Rogue River View
Cliffside Rogue River Trail
Cliffside Rogue River Trail

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Grants Pass Interagency Office
2164 NE Spalding Avenue
Grants Pass


From Grants Pass, Oregon: Take I-5 north to exit 61, Merlin exit. Turn left and continue northwest on the Merlin-Galice Road for 23 miles. Cross the Grave Creek bridge and take two immediate left turns to descend to the Grave Creek Boat Launch. The Rogue River Trailhead is located on the far side, or west of the boat landing.


No fees.

Stay Limit

14 Days.