Pryor Mountains WSA

Pryor Mountain WSA


The Pryor Mountain WSA contains rugged, isolated portions of the Pryor Mountain Range. The wide expanses and topographic and multicolored erosional geologic features provide for high scenic values.  In less than 13 miles, the landscape transitions through a wide spectrum of geologic and biotic features, ranging from desert environments to those found in sub-alpine mountainous settings.  Opportunities for nature photography, rock climbing hiking, backpacking, nature study, and scenic viewing are outstanding. 


Pryor Mountain WSA is approximately nine miles south of Lovell, WY.  From Lovell: Head east on US-310, turn left onto US-14 Alt E, then left onto WY-37 N, turn left toward Crooked Creek Road. In about 1.5 miles turn right to stay on Crooked Creek Road, in 4 miles you will pass the BLM Administration site, continue on a short distance and follow the sign to the right to Burnt Timber Road.Sykes Ridge Road: Follow Bighorn Tack-On directions.

Visitor Advisory

Burnt Timber road is unmaintained and rough. Even 4x4 vehicles are not recommended on this route due to deteriorating road conditions. High clearance is necessary, and ATVs recommended due to clearance issues and tight switchbacks.