Big Horn Tack-on


The Bighorn Tack-On WSA is located on the Rim of the deeply incised Bighorn Canyon and includes colorful sedimentary geology.  The scenic quality of the surrounding area is outstanding with views down into the bighorn canyon to the east, and to the south and west, the hillsides and steeply incised canyons and coulees of Pryor Mountain.  There is a small herd of Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep in the area.  The WSA is located within the Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range and so wild horse viewing opportunities are excellent. Other recreation opportunities include, hiking, photography, and rock climbing.


Bighorn Tack-on  is approximately 17 miles north of Lovell, WY. Head east on US-310, turn left onto US-14 Alt E, then left onto WY-37 N, turn left onto Crooked Creek Road,  then right  onto Country Road 16, follow a few miles and stay to the left at the fork .After you take the left fork you’ll arrive at the entrance to Sykes Ridge Road. The WSA boundary is not accessible by road. You will drive approximately 1.5 miles to the Pryor Mountain WSA and the Bighorn Tack-On WSA will be approximately 1 mile to the east.

Visitor Advisory 

Even 4x4 vehicles are not recommended on this route due to diminished road conditions. It is advised to use an OHV to travel this route due to clearance issues and tight switchbacks.