Wyoming Seasonal & Year-Round Public Access Information

BLM Wyoming has established year-round and seasonal restrictions to both enhance recreational opportunities and protect natural and cultural resources.  Below are 10 maps – one for each Field Office in Wyoming – identifying reoccurring BLM public land restrictions and opportunities.  

These restrictions have been established through the BLM's land use planning process. Additional restrictions may exist based on temporary factors. Please contact the local BLM Field Office and/or appropriate landowner for all current access and use restrictions.

A map of the BLM Wyoming Field Offices


More Information

BLM implements public access restrictions for several purposes:

Wildlife – Working with the Wyoming Game and Fish Department (WGFD), BLM Wyoming implements seasonal closures across the state to reduce disturbance to wintering wildlife during their most stressful time of year.  In winter, when animals flee due to disturbances caused by people and their pets, they use calories that are important to their survival for the rest of the season. These closures help ensure long-term survival and public enjoyment of Wyoming’s wildlife species.

Recreation – BLM Wyoming implements both year-round and seasonal restrictions to certain types of recreation.  For example, both mechanized and motorized uses are prohibited in Wilderness Study Areas across BLM Wyoming.  While these closures restrict mechanized and motorized opportunities, they provide for outstanding opportunities for pedestrian and equestrian recreation, as well as solitude.

Cultural – BLM Wyoming implements both year-round and seasonal restrictions to some cultural sites and certain recreational activities within those sites.  For example, BLM Wyoming restricts target shooting next to cultural sites with rock art to ensure the panels are not used as targets. These closures protect sensitive resources and provide for long-term, sustainable opportunities to view these historic and pre-historic resources.